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Manufacturer: Ashaway

String Name: Supernick ZX Micro

Description: At 1.15mm, this string is designed for superior ball control and spin, as well as giving excellent durability.

This strings construction is a multifilament nylon core with a textured surface. There is a ZX wear layer with Zyex filaments.


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Squash Strings View: Nathans view: A different directional jump in the Supernick range. XL and XL PRO are softer strings, which aids in extra power; whereas ZX overall seems a tad harder/tougher. It loses the bounce on the strings, but gain greater control and touch than the other Supernick strings. Texture wise, its in between XL and XL PRO so purchase on the strings for spin is in the middle. ZX is a great new edition to the Supernick family if someone is looking for a bit more control off your shots. Plus, its bright orange, and bright orange looks cool!

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
Set 1.15mm Orange £10.20
110m Reel 1.15mm Orange £94.80

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