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Manufacturer: Wilson

Item: Pro Overgrip

Description: Wilson's biggest selling product! Used by many touring pros including Federer, Venus and Serena Williams.

Squash Strings View: We sell tons of these - outselling any other overgrip by miles. Many of the performance players we support swear by these grips.

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
3 Pack 0.6mm thick Green £6.50
12 Pack 0.6mm thick White £24.00
30 Pack 0.6mm thick White £50.00
60 Tub 0.6mm thick White £85.00
1 Grip 0.6mm thick White £2.25
50 Tub 0.6mm thick White £80.00
3 Pack 0.6mm thick Yellow £6.50
3 Pack 0.6mm thick White £6.50
3 Pack 0.6mm thick Orange £6.50
3 Pack 0.6mm thick Pink £6.50
3 Pack 0.6mm thick Black £6.50
60 Tub 0.6mm thick Assorted £85.00
50 Tub 0.6mm thick Assorted £80.00

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